Bush Stalking – Bush League Teammate Spotlight – TowerBARRON

The myth. The man. The legendary Gold-type player who—some might say—has not been given the respect that he deserves.  For instance, one could argue that he has contributed quite a bit to the GankBush Squad [GBS] podcast without proper recognition.  Also, his role as team captain of Please Don’t Ban Diablo [PDBD] has been, perhaps, underestimated as PDBD upset Bush League’s number 2 seeded team (FTBRG) and is currently one of the teams who will fight for the Bush League (BL) Season 1 Championship at 9 p.m. EDT on 6/18!

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Bush Stalking – Bush League Teammate Spotlight – Zexerous

Warning: This article contains language that some may find offensive

You put in the work. Play the game. Watch it, read about it, write about it, join communities on Discord and within in-game chat channels. Still, you’re on the outside looking in. This, some say, describes the HotS scene. From getting better as a player to forging your own place within the community, there is not often a clear path for those looking to advance as a player, a caster, or in some way “give back” to the community of a game that you love. Who is at fault for these issues, for this lack of transparency? Moreover, who are the people affected? This last question is an existential one: why are independent HotS content creators giving their free time and energy to such pursuits, creating content for free? Ultimately, is Blizzard missing opportunities and, to a degree, marginalizing their audience by excluding support for such hard-working talent?

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Bush Stalking – Bush League Teammate Spotlight – Daz

One person can make or break a team’s chemistry and I am sure we have all felt the beauty of a random QM, UD, or TL team gelling and somehow pulling off that impossible comeback. Likewise, each of us has experienced that punch to the nether regions caused by a teammate going rogue or spewing toxicity, likely leading to defeat. If you are hoping for a greater chance at the former, then you should consider joining a custom league for a less random experience. Why not play with a team that you can rely on, that you can come to know and work towards a goal with? One of the newer leagues is Bush League— a quaint but growing team league similar in style to Chair League (now on hiatus).  Continue reading “Bush Stalking – Bush League Teammate Spotlight – Daz”