Bush League – Meet The Teams

Bush League is the result of a union between several podcast communities, primarily consisting of the Trolls.gg network and Gank Bush Squad. They have combined to create a casual league for their community. Bush League will take place on every Monday at 9 PM Eastern time. The league kicks off on April 2nd!

Team Daz


Daz has had experience in multiple roles such as support and ranged damage. Out of all members on this team, Daz has had the most experience in a semi-competitive environment. Does Daz, the Canadian, have what it takes to control his team, or will he be too polite?


LiQiuD follows the Heroes of the Storm competitive scene, allowing his team a vast pool of knowledge regarding the meta. Despite this immense amount of knowledge, his recent ranks have been quite lower than usual – has the rust taken its toll?


Skyzophrenic has been praised for his mechanical ability on Heroes such as Genji; however he has also been often criticized for his lack of communication. Will this communication deficit hinder his team too much to clutch out a victory?

Lord ‘Boo

Lord ‘Boo has quite a bit of experience discussing higher level strategies. This experience will allow his team to possibly pull out some interesting draft ideas. Despite this higher level discussion, he can often be quite blunt and straight to the point. How will this interact with the polite Canadian Daz or the silent Skyzo?


EnderWiggin is definitely the wild card of Team Daz. He has the potential to be quite a good asset to this team, but will this potential be used to its fullest?



Notes: This team seems to be the most unpredictable. The hero pools of this team seem to be quite threatening and well rounded. This team’s success may come down to their strategic ability as they simply do not possess the raw mechanical talent that is found in other teams.


Team Fringe



Fringe, from the GankBush Squad, seems to be quite committed to his team and even has some experience shot-calling. In contrast to his experience in a group environment, Fringe is often criticized for his inability to take criticism – how this will affect his team is yet to be shown!


Admittedly Zunicorn is quite an unknown factor to this league. While he has climbed to quite a high rank is solo queue, it has yet to be shown how this will work in a team environment other than Cho’gall.


SooperDaive has quite a bit of experience in a semi-coordinated environment. However, he can also be quite critical at sometimes when it comes to his teammates. How will this mix with the other personalities on his team?


San has some experience in semi-coordinated environment such playing with some of the other members of this team. Despite this experience, his reliability as a teammate has yet to be shown as his average play time is much less consistent compared to his teammates. Will San be able to commit to his teammates on a more consistent basis than before?


griZZly has quite a unique hero pool consisting of primarily melee assassins and even the odd D.Va. griZZly has quite a bit of experience in a team setting. However, he has quite a strong personality. How will this mesh with the personalities of his other teammates?



Notes: This team’s success will come down to if they can mesh their personalities together throughout the game. If so, this team’s aggressive playstyle and hero pool may cause trouble for the calmer, more strategic teams.

Team Zex


Zexerous, the Chen enthusiast, is quite well known in the community for his playground-style trash talk during the annual Creators of the Storm tournament that his team has done quite well on multiple occasions. Will the Pandamonium be too much for his enemies to handle, or will Zexerous be eating his own words by?


Rozai is quite an easy guy to understand and he articulates his points very well; this can be essential in a team environment where a single call could be the difference between a win and a loss. Will Rozai be able to shotcall his team to victory, or will Zexerous’ trash talk overtake the team mentality?


TruMrFu is known for his E.T.C. play during the “Feed Fests.” He often landed three man Mosh Pits which could turn the tide of a battle for his team. Other than his E.T.C. play, his skill level is relatively unproven – without his trusty E.T.C. will TruMrFu be able to contribute to a battle as heavily?


Leviathan is a relatively unknown player within this community. While this could be an advantage for the team, it could easily be a detriment if not used well.


Bloodscythe has shown immense improvement over the previous months, achieving a climb from the depths of Bronze to the stratosphere of Silver. Will BloodScythe’s sense of improvement translate to his team and allow them to achieve a healthy mentality or will Zexerous’ trash talk fill BloodScythe’s ego too much to continue this rapid rate of growth?



Notes: This team easily has one of the highest skill caps in the entire league. However, their initial synergies may be lacking due to their inexperience playing together.

Team TowerBarron



TowerBarron is often compared to FrngeAverage due to their relatively similar skill level. Despite this similarity, TowerBarron is much less consistent in his play time – will this negatively impact his team?


EBsgrafic is often complimented for his insane game knowledge regarding heroes such as Diablo and Li-Ming. Despite his awesome skill on a few heroes, his proven hero pool is quite small; how this will affect his team is somewhat unshown.


GhostBear is relatively the same skill level as the other members of his team – however, he has played with his teammates much less than they have played with each other already. Whether or not this team succeeds may come down to how quickly GhostBear can adapt to his team’s premade synergies.


Blemsie is a confident solo laner who has achieved some of the highest ranks with in this league. Blemsie is friends with and has played with many other players on this team. However, as was previously mentioned he has not yet formed as strong of synergy with GhostBear; will this concise shotcalling play a role to guide the newcomer of the group, GhostBear, or will this cause a division in team?


Loksley is a ranged assassin player who is not hesitant to swap into other roles if his team needs him to do so. This could lead to some pretty interesting drafts coming from team TowerBarron. Despite Loksley being comfortable being able to swap into almost any role if needed, he may be outmatched due to not being in a primary role – how will this will affect the team’s chance of winning is still unproven!



Notes: This team will have the highest synergy going into Bush League, however their success comes down to if they can keep up with the rate of improvement of other teams.

Initial Power Rankings (In My Opinion)

But Why?

I place team TowerBarron at the top of this list due to their immense amount of experience they have already built with each other. This team already has strategies and synergies formed through playing as a group in unranked draft. To put it simply, this team is the actual example of the “power of friendship.”

I place Team Daz in second place in these initial power rankings because while this team’s raw mechanics are not superior to the lower teams, the team’s knowledge may allow them to control drafts and the map in game.

I place team Zexerous in third place in these initial power rankings because from what I know about these players, this team has not yet formed any synergy with in the roster. I believe this team easily has the highest skill cap and can climb up to first place within a few weeks if time is allocated well.

I place Team Fringe in fourth place due to personality conflicts. Many players on this team have a large amount of mechanical skill but may struggle in a team environment when placed with strong other  personalities.